Welcome to Sustainable Rotterdam.

A clean, green and healthy city where sustainability contributes to a strong economy.  This is the ambition the Rotterdam Municipal Executive wants to work on with the new Rotterdam Sustainability Programme. Reducing carbon emission by half, preparing for the consequences of climate change, improving air quality and reducing noise are the main topics of the programme. The Municipal Executive will invest 27 million euros in order to achieve the green ambitions.

With the app Sustainable Rotterdam you can see and visit all sorts of effort the city of rotterdam has achieved in the field of sustainable urban development,'green' building, climate adaptation and the ambition to be a sustainable world port city.
In the app, various locations are divided into themes green, water, and sustainable buildings & areas. These themes can be turned on and off separately and you can also choose to view and visit only the highlights of the cities' diverse and innovative ways to embed sustainability in everyday urban life.

Download the Sustainable Rotterdam app and see what Rotterdam does to become a sustainable world port city.

An internet connection is required to use this app.